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RESIN - To fill Marble, Granite & Stones

Remove the required amount of glue from thje can & add the necessary hardener as direst below. NEVEr put unused resin back into can. ALWAYS use separate spatula to take out resin from the can. The surface to be glued should be clean 7 dry. Strictly observe the above rules. Standard rules for mixing hardener are:
Dosage: 10parts glue - 3 parts hardener
Hardening time (gel time) 3-7 minutes at 25 C with 3% of hardener. Do not use hardener with any other kind of resin.
INSTRUCTIONS OF STORAGE : Store the product in a cool and dry place. Do not exponse the material in the order it is received. With proper storage, shelf life is around 6-8 months. Finish material from can once it is opened as soon as possible. Ensure that lid